Friday, November 9, 2007

words of blessing

This morning I set my alarm for 4:50 so I could go to prayer. I immediately reset it when I woke up for 5:30. It went off again at 5:30, and I was ready to keep sleeping. But a voice asked me why. So I got up. I got to prayer for the part where the leader brings a word and then we pray. Today's word was powerful for me.

Jason talked about Job and the reason why he was allowed to be attacked by the enemy. At one point Job admits that his greatest fear came true. He allowed himself to fear, instead of believing what God says. Our words are powerful, whether they are in thought form or spoken out loud. They open a door for what was said to happen in our lives. If we say "I am never going to be beautiful enough for someone", we never will be, even if someone thinks we are beautiful. Our minds won't accept the truth until we break ties with the lie we agreed with.

I know I have struggled with a poverty mindset...this basically means that I have agreed with the argument that what I will have in life will be no greater than second best. It was so powerful for me to break that agreement and to come into agreement of God's provision.

Another important thing that was spoken was that if we do not view our personal lives as full of hope and promise, our ministry will suffer. If I do not have hope for the things that God has promised me, how can I hope for others? So good. I got to pray through some more arguments.

Then my pastor, Pastor Denise, looked at me with a smile. She shared that I looked great and then prayed with me a blessing that my husband would see it too. She prayed that joy would radiate from me. I receive every word she spoke. We have to receive the words of blessing too.

So I look forward to the days ahead, laughing with joy. I'm somewhere in the future, and I look much better than I look right now...

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