Sunday, April 13, 2008

the ransom

So, two entries ago, I told you about the demand we placed on the guys in return for the "booty" aka weaponry, which was a shrubbery (which we didn't actually want, nor receive) and a meal. It took awhile to plan a night for dinner, but last Friday night, we got our ransom. We did not get just any meal...we got an experience. We were served real Italian cuisine- rabbit cacciatore over polenta, bruschetta, potatoes, asparagus with pancetta, and red wine, all served by a gracious host and cook. We ate, laughed, and talked, like how I imagine a real Italian family would. Then we had pre-dessert- pear and Gorgonzola cheese. To top it all off, we finished with coffee and pie. We were up late enjoying each other's company and I can truly say I was impressed. It was one of the best homecooked meals I have ever experienced. I am inspired to learn how to cook some Italian food! :)