Thursday, July 17, 2008


Why is it that when you are about to take a vacation you find yourself working extra hard so that you can go on vacation? It makes no sense! But we do it all the time! I find myself with a pile of paperwork to do before I go on a vacation for a week and a half...yuck. I always do. So I am taking a mental break to ponder this very issue. We feel like we cannot go and relax unless everything is done...or else we fear coming back to the pile. Vacations are meant to refresh us, so we work really hard...and then need the refreshing. I have 240 hours of vacation. Do you know how many days that is? 30!!! I could be off for a month and be completely fine. Wow. I am at the max. So, it is official. I am taking a vacation. What am I going to do? Well, relax, for one. And do some small but tedious projects that keep being put off. And I am going to Spirit West Coast at the end of it. Nothing too big. But I will be taking a whole 8 days...barely a dent in my stockpile of hours. Oh well, at least I am trying. Yay vacation!

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