Monday, September 27, 2010

Not me Monday

From time to time, this is a fun blog to do. Call it what you want...not me or I would never...but basically it is your confession of the unexpected. Or what everyone else does but never says they do. (that's probably more likely to be the truth)

I would never play "hooky" from work and go to Disneyland on a Monday. I would not delay reports that I should get done in order to ride on Pirates of the Caribbean or the teacups or the Matterhorn or....and I most certainly would not have ANY fun doing it. Nor would I get excited that I also was doing something on my "list". Nope, not at all.

I would never take pictures while driving. NEVER. Not even when I see something that amuses me or I find too cool/beautiful/awesome to not take a picture of it. Not me.

I would never use the restroom with the door open, thereby allowing the cat to come in and do weird things...nor would I have my phone with me to capture it...

As for planning a vacation around the time my favorite band's tour...TWICE...nope. I don't do that. Nor do I take mini vacations to go see them open for another band, perhaps like Train...this way. Not me!

No, the dates in Dec. have nothing to do with NEEDTOBREATHE...

When asked if I could loan my blender to my bible study leader, I most certainly would never text back "Sure. Making margaritas? ;)". Nor would she expect that to be my response.

I would never stay up way later than I should three nights in a row so I could finish reading a good book. That is definitely not me, nor has it been me since I could read, pretty much.

I also would not let a cat who I am allergic to come near me, let alone cuddle with me. Nope.

Share your "not me" confessions! I'd love to hear them...because of course they are just fictional stories...right? ;)

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