Sunday, December 5, 2010

daughter. friend.

Tonight I went to a meeting where many people from local churches gathered to pray and fight for each other...instead of with each other. To repent instead of building walls. To hopefully see through to the other side what it truly means to be one body together in Christ. And while being apart of this great gathering, God also gave me a personal word.

One of the leaders spoke this word...that we are already friends of God, sons and daughters of God. This is the greatest thing we can achieve while here on earth. We can become Presidents...we can become the best husbands/wives ever, but nothing can compete with the title of being God's friend. God's daughter.

Often times, I see the other titles as great things to seek after, as though they could make me more complete or more worthy. How wrong I've been. Nothing compares to the love that comes from being a friend and daughter of the King. Nothing. I have been chosen. I am loved. What a great thing. I pray that I continue to remember this as I walk this life. That whatever is given to me on top of this honored position can be considered a blessing...but that it could never be greater than what I already have.

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Krystal said...

what beautiful words. especially fighting for eachother not with :)