Thursday, May 26, 2011

too busy to think

Lately, I've checked in on my blog and reading those I follow, but have neglected to stop and post something of my own. I've been busy, busy, busy! The kind of busy where most days I leave in the morning and don't get home until it's bedtime again. It's just now slowing a bit and I've felt like I can rest a bit. I knew May would be a full month...and it lived up to its potential. It's not over yet, promising to end with a three day weekend! Yay for an extra day off! (I am salivating over sleeping in on Monday.)

In my last post, I told you that I was going to preach at Encounter Weekend, the retreat my church does. It went well...honestly, I don't remember much! (Good or bad, I am not sure...haha) Feedback post-preaching was positive. I even enjoyed it, once I got started. I think it's in the genes. My dad preaches, filling in for other Pastors when they go on vacation. I don't know when my next opportunity will be, but I can tell you that having come through the other side, it is such a blessing. It may have blessed the women who were listening, but what blessed me was how God stretched me, encouraged me and called me to believe for bigger. It made me lean that much harder on Him. Such a beautiful thing.

Not only did I preach, I helped run the event alongside about 12 other women! I did a lot of the sound/multimedia stuff, and working with the amazing women who led worship. It was a lot of responsibility, but I can look back on the weekend and see how much God used a group of women who felt much like me, not very capable, to lead women into a life changing weekend. I mean, who cannot be changed after devoting a weekend to God? It really hasn't been just the weekend...that was just a kickstart. Seeing their lives continually change after as they seek the Lord in every area of their lives is beautiful.

A lot of the first half of May was dedicated to prepping for that weekend, and then to that weekend itself. The next weekend promised to be just as full! I had one day "off" before my work's annual fundraiser, which took up an entire Sunday. It was a beautiful day, complete with a ring around the sun. And now I am sliding through the rest of this week into that three day weekend. So happy.

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