Friday, May 4, 2012

missed ya'll ;)

I wonder if people have stopped checking in since it’s been so long since I’ve written!  I literally just got back from a THREE week vacation in the South...which to sum up was incredibly relaxing and I almost didn’t come back.  Haha, not really, but I thought about it.  

Highlights of my trip:
-Swimming in the warm ocean in Florida...the water is way too cold to swim in here!
-Going to the Magic Kingdom and Islands of fun :)
-Seeing a ton of friends, mostly NEEDTOBREATHE related
-The food.  I ate so much Southern food, as well as a few other specialties like Cuban food.  So so yummy.
-Getting to see several states I have never been to before...I love seeing new places!  I’ve decided next year I need to spend more time in Georgia and Tennessee for sure.
-Seeing my favorite band...front row...and them singing the one song I’ve been wanting to hear live!  Oh, and seeing the drummer and being able to introduce him to some friends.
-Dave Barnes live.  He’s a HOOT and such a great musician.  That was such a great show.
-Spending time with my dear friends Emily and Kyle, who moved to NC last year.

Things I’ve decided:
-I really want to live in a place that feels like the South...perhaps in the South.  I want to raise my kids on acres of land and not live at such a crazy pace.  I almost think I could get over the weather they have there to get the rest of what they have.
-After staying with Em and Kyle and eating their whole food lifestyle (mostly), I’ve decided to give it a whirl.  I just need to get in the habit of prepping my meals so it will be a little easier!
-Three week vacations were created and blessed by God.  So so good.

-Shot a gun for the first time.
-Tried butterbeer.  Yum!
-Went to a Zumba class.
-Went to a distillery and tasted their beverages.
-Stayed at a a legit fancy one.
-Time in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia...

And, I may or may not have put in a request for vacation the day after I got back to work ;)  I'm excited for that one! A cruise to Mexico...where I am finally going to get to swim with dolphins!!!

All that to say, I had a wonderful vacation, and this week has been quite the adjustment to getting back in the groove of LIFE.  It's crazy how things just keep on keeping on...and how easy it can be to jump back in.  I've got some things in the going after certain goals I have for this year (like singing more and losing that weight...) and I am applying for a big promotion (!!!).  While I am qualified for the position, new things can be daunting and there is no guarantee that I'll get the position.  I'm going to try anyway.  I'll let you know...

Happy Friday! Let's hope on-call doesn't slaughter me over the weekend! (top of the list of brilliant ideas after coming back from vacation...)


Hannah M. said...

Woohoo, Christina!!! You go girl! :) It's great to have you back!

Katie Pierce said...

Yay a post! I like the highlights. I will be stalking your FB album soon.

Also, I'm really excited for your promotion and I know you'll get it AND kick butt at it, and I'm sorry that instead of saying that I went on a bit of rant on my way out the door the other day. I'd just gotten that news and hadn't processed or emotes yet.

Anyway, you're great, and so is everything you do!

Emily grapes said...

I wanna see some pictures!! Sounds like you had an amazing time.

I agree 100% with wanting to live on acres and away from the craziness, especially with kids in the mix.

Hoping and praying for that promotion. No doubt you deserve it!!
Emily at Amazing Grapes