Tuesday, May 1, 2007

slow rate of blogging

I just noticed that I go about a month in between blogs! Crazy. I will make up for it tonight. After the excitement of graduation (what an honor that night was), I geared up for several fun-filled events. First was Party in the Park, and I am sad to say I do not have pictures. I was the balloon animal lady! Well, one of them. :) There were kids lined up, even when it began to rain. Let me tell you, it is not easy making a flower in the rain! The balloons were not happy with the weather, but the kids had fun, and not too many popped.

That same weekend, my dear friend Kristin came for a visit. We took some silly pictures and enjoyed each other's company. I miss her. She lives in Washington now. I keep telling her to come home. Maybe one day God will tell her too. Here are some of our silly pics:

What can I say? Aren't we cute?

Next fun event was this past weekend, when our church invited a ton of people for a free banquet. I loved serving food to people and hear all the wonderful words of thanks. We just wanted to bless people and invite those who wanted to become a part of our family. I think we accomplished just that.

In two weeks, we are doing an event called The Invitation. I am so excited. We have invited Leeland to come and play, and we are inviting people to come and hear the gospel. Pretty simple with a big heart behind it. I can't wait. I hope we overflow the PAC, and that many give their lives to Jesus as a result. My biggest prayer besides that, is that those I invite come. The last two events, my friends have missed a mighty blessing, and I don't want them to miss this. May 15th 6pm. If you are in SLO that night, you should come!!!

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Kristin said...

Hey, I think they are incredibly beautiful woman. Great times we did have!...I love you Christina, and I enjoy who God has made you to be. I love you.