Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So, I think I have started a season of writing again...I go through seasons of things I am passionate about, ways I can express myself or entertain myself. Some are more short lived than others, and some last a long time. But inevitably, they are seasons. I am grateful that my favorite ones come back. I just finished a reading lots of books season. I went through a season of playing the guitar and writing songs. I have spent a few seasons of writing...and now it is coming back. I get the itch to write...some of which I share here (facebook or my blog)...and off I go. I am also drawn to the guitar again, which often is coupled with writing, as some of what I write are songs. And once the words are written, it is only a matter of time before God inspires a melody.

But yes, words. I express myself best in two ways...written word, and touch. When I write, it is as if all that I have bottled up inside flows out. I can read it and make sure each word expresses how I truly feel. And the words people write to me become etched in my mind...

I feel safe in writing. The words can come out and be taken back in a moment before they can affect those they are intended for. When words are spoken, there is no rewind button. In writing, there are drafts and re-writes, until it is just right. And I can be vulnerable and real in writing, raw and unhindered. I can take my time, whereas when speaking, I let fear of saying something wrong keep me from saying exactly what needs to be said.

Spoken words fade, while the written word lasts. It is why God wanted His spoken word to be has lasted, and still speaks today because we can meditate on it and allow it to be etched in our hearts.

Words, words, words, so important. In words, I find understanding. In words, I can express who I am and how I feel. off I go, into a season of words.

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