Tuesday, November 11, 2008

beyond the image

She stares into the mirror
It's the same face she's seen a thousands times before
Beyond her eyes thoughts race
And her emotions begin to spill over
Such a wonder this woman is
All the depth behind the facade
She tries to keep it all together
But knows that one question
Could bring it all crashing down
How can one question God's existence
When someone looks into her eyes?
Each moment tells a different tale
Each day multiplies the memories
Her expressions so rich
When she explodes in laughter
Or crumbles in tears
There's a light in her eyes
That is sometimes overshadowed
But one close look can discover
How it never quite goes out
She wonders how she can look so different
In her own eyes from one day to the next
Yet nothing has really changed at all
And she questions what others can see
When she looks at them and smiles
Such a complicated woman
With a story to tell
She continues to stare in wonder
At what God has made

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