Thursday, November 27, 2008

simple thanks

Today is Thanksgiving. It is one in the morning (yes, I am aware that it is a crazy time to be awake!), but I feel the need to reflect on what today means. There is so much in my life to be thankful for. I know I often overlook them or take them for granted. I have amazing friends, ones I have known for years, ones for only months but feel like they have been a part of my life forever, ones I have lived with, ones I have adventured with, all of whom I love. I get to see my family today, and I am so grateful for their love and support. I look forward to the fun and blessings of our time together. I am especially grateful for my dad. Words cannot express how much the decisions he made and the sacrifices he made impacted who I am today. I am blessed by him. I am grateful for the provision in my life- my job, my car, even down to the extra money I have to spend on a delicious caramel macchiato. I am grateful for beautiful sunsets, for rain puddles, for chilly weather that makes me want to bundle up. I am grateful that God has never given up on me, and that His plans for my life are greater than I could ever ask for or imagine. I am grateful for my future family...a promise that is yet to come into fruition. I am thankful for health and joy and peace...the kind of peace that comes from trusting in God. I am so grateful for salvation, and that everyday I realize what that truly means even more. I am thankful for the little moments. The laughter that produces tears. The inside jokes. The hugs from loved ones, little or not so little. The process of developing friendships. The taste of a delicious dessert. The awkwardness of a moment. I am so grateful. So so grateful. I do not deserve all I have, but I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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