Wednesday, January 7, 2009

random activity of the day

One of my goals for this year is to write five new songs because I have not written any new songs in a long time, and I love to write! I had no idea I was going to get started so soon, nor that my first song would be so ridiculously silly. I got my inspiration from my friend Tim who texted me a while back that he wanted to write a country song called "Ha ha, no", because that is a phrase he associates with me. He usually gets that when he comes up with a ridiculous idea and tries to get me to agree with it. I was cleaning out my texts and saw that text as I was taking my lunch break. Next thing I knew, I was developing lyrics! In a short amount of time, I had a full song. All I have left to do is put it to music...which involves some time with my guitar. I have a melody pretty much for it, so it is just a matter of fiddling around before I have a complete song. Tim has claimed royalties. Ha ha, no.

I almost decided not to share it, but rather just share my experience of coming up with it, but what fun is that? So, you can laugh at it like I did, I won't be offended. But I must say, it is not bad.

I’ve got some friends
Who try and get me to do some crazy things
All my reactions
Have them calling me “mama” beans
I’m a sensible gal
I know the rules of life
I’m just trying
To spare them some strife

Abandoned sugar mills?
Ha ha no
Late night shenanigans?
Ha ha no

I won’t get sucked in
And all you’ll be left with is a
Ha ha no

Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha,
Ha ha no….

I’m not shy about
Sharing how I think or feel
If you head
In the wrong direction, I’ll say no deal
It’s not worth the risk
I’ll put up a fight
You’ll get a smile
Then the look as I say good night

Messing with my heart?
Ha ha no
Tearing things apart?
Ha ha no

Keep up with the games
And I’ll leave you behind with a
Ha ha no

Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha,
Ha ha no

If I've told you once,
I've told you twice before,
Ha ha no...

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