Friday, February 6, 2009

God answers even the tiniest prayers!

So, all of this week and last, my normally happy-go-lucky Maxima (my car) was having trouble turning itself over and starting. I knew I needed to get it checked out, along with getting its oil changed and tires rotated. My work schedule was a bit funny most of the days, so it was not very convenient to drop it off for any unspecified length of time until this last Wednesday. I set my eyes on making sure I got it there on that day. Tuesday night rolled around and the Maxima really began to struggle. I had just finished with my cell and was picking up something to eat, and it almost did not start. So I prayed. A simple prayer, but it would turn out to be a powerful one. I asked the Lord to get me to the car shop. I started to count how many times I would need my car to start, and although really I only needed three more times, I asked for four. Four more times. I prayed this as I headed to a friend's house. When I went to leave her house for the night, it started with a struggle, but indeed it started. (1) I got home and when I left for prayer morning the next day, it was the same thing. (2) I got to the church and was able to go to prayer. It started again as I left to go to work! (3) BUT I decided I needed to stop at home to grab my lunch and needed my keys SO I had to start my car one more time before I could get it to the car shop. And it DID. (4) I got to the car shop, which thankfully is across the street from my work. I casually told the mechanic that I needed an oil change, tires rotated, and oh, would you look at my battery/starter? It has been having issues. So, I go out to my car to get the stuff I needed for the day, and as I am leaving, I hear the mechanic get in my car AND "click, click, click, click". DEAD. No go. My Maxima was not going to start. I beamed because I knew that God had answered my prayer. The mechanics looked at me like I was crazy for being happy that my car would not start. I explained how I had prayed that it would make it to the car shop. It did. The mechanic later told me that my battery was "smoked". It only turned out to be the battery, and I have a great little story to tell. :) It started EXACTLY four times.

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