Friday, February 6, 2009


Dreams…my dreams are almost never normal. And I almost never remember them UNLESS they are napping or snoozing dreams. I have been having a few funny ones lately though so I thought I’d share. Many of these dreams involve things I have been thinking about recently or have seen.

My 24 inspired dream (leading me to believe that PERHAPS I was watching it too much?): In this dream, I was shot (to kill) by one of my guy friends because he was ordered to in order to save his girlfriend. I survived and hunted him down. I think I yelled at him for shooting me. Apparently, I did not like getting shot.
*I had just watched the episode where Tony messes things up big time in order to save his wife…like put his wife’s life before millions of people’s lives who were at risk of exposure to a killer virus.

My hot dog and Pokemon Snap inspired dream: Ha, ha, in THIS dream, I was in a car and saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile and was desperately trying to take a good picture of it for a friend. It was very important to me to get a good shot. It, however, was quite elusive, and got away. I gave up and was sad.
*I recently saw a picture of a friend holding up a balloon? of an Oscar Meyer hot dog, which made me think of the Wienermobile. I also recently played Pokemon Snap at Tim’s house (so fun! I used to be really good at it…) Anyway, the objective of that game is to take pictures of Pokemon and the better the picture, the more points you get. Soooo, there you go.

I have also been having a dream where the theme is repeated…that my mom died but came back to life. The first time I dreamt that, I found out because I was visiting my brother. I remember feeling shocked. The second time, she came back to life only to die again within like 10 hours. But I got to spend those hours with her. She went to sleep, my guess is for good after that. The dream then escalated to some more intense things, which I will let lie. Both times, the emotions I felt were so strong that they lingered when I woke up. I chalk it up to missing her, and not always processing the emotions I feel the way I perhaps should.

Dreams are interesting. I would love to have more of them. My favorite dream, though, was when I dreamt that a friend of mine (who was not pregnant at the time) was preparing a nursery for her baby. I tucked it away, and only shared it with one other person. Two weeks later, that same friend announced that she was pregnant! And I now enjoy babysitting for that lil’ guy on a fairly regular basis. I felt like God let me in on a little secret, and it made my joy so much greater than had I not had that dream.

I just wanted to share since mine have been quite interesting lately...

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Estevan said...

hahaha, the elusive friend lol I love that you like that game so much, even if I don't understand why :-) And the 24 dream...hilarious. Totally know what you mean about the dreams that are still real when you wake up. I once had a dream that Tommy came into mine and Tim's room and yelled at us to wake up and I woke up very motivated. :-)