Sunday, August 2, 2009

don't sweat the small stuff

I have recently realized that I get easily overwhelmed by little details...because I have not been trusting God with them. It seems that I have talked myself into believing that God doesn't really care about the little things, and besides, I can handle the small stuff, right? God has done big financial miracles for me, and has healed many big areas of my heart. But the small stuff?

Going back to the "overwhelmed" see, all of those little things add up pretty quickly. Individually, one might be able to deal with it and move on. But as they add up, they grow and soon, I am one stressed out girl. All because I have this backward way of thinking that God is not into the details. Sure, He'll hook me up with a sweet parking spot from time to time, or when times are tough, someone buys me lunch. But taking all the little things before God? Does He really care?

But, but, but....yeah, all those buts. God, this weekend, began to show me, in small ways, how MUCH He loves the little things. I am in a wedding in one month, and we had not officially picked the bridesmaid dresses until last Thursday. The one we ended up picking is one that I like, but we thought may have been slightly too big. These dresses have been a source of stress, for sure. We took it to a person well-versed in sewing, and she said it was a simple fix. One little hook on the inside of the dress would solve the problem. Check. Easy. The beautiful bride was looking for earrings for her dress, and shoes...which were even more important because her dress fitting was for hemming it, and without the shoes, no one can predict the length! Well, she found earrings for $5.00...and as we mad-dashed through the mall on the day of her fitting, we managed to find the shoes 45 minutes before the appointment. As these things began to happen, I found myself thanking God along the way, and that my thanks came easily. He was making me aware of these small things, and I was so grateful. One of the nights, we walked into a smoothie shop and it turned out to be closed. But because they did not lock the door, they gave us free drinks! And they tasted amazing! (like 50/50 bars)

Funny thing was that it wasn't the little things that I got so excited about, even though they were great, but that God was speaking to my heart about a concept I am needing to learn. And He is patiently teaching me not to "sweat the small stuff."

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