Wednesday, January 6, 2010

old excuses, permanent markers

I have been doing a lot of reflecting and looking forward, as many people do during this time of year, and in my prayer time this morning, I wondered why I have not achieved some of the goals I have made in the past. And the answer came succinctly, and quickly, "Because it has always been that way."

I learned a few years ago in my line of work, that if your answer to a question of why you do something is "because it has always been that way," then something needs to change. I was told that it is not a sufficient reason to keep doing something. The answers must be justified, not excused away. Why shouldn't it be the same for other areas of my life?

This is very timely because I am making goals for 2010, and want to see success.Areas like losing weight, paying off debt, and being single- the answer as to "why haven't things changed much?" has been the very answer listed above. And so God asked me to picture that phrase, and then me taking a permanent marker and putting large Xs through the words. I get to begin writing new goals with the intention for change.

Have you been a person who has a similar excuse, afraid of change because it is simply not imaginable? Then pick up the permanent marker and let yourself cross it out of your life. Until you do, you will continue in the same pattern, because it has always been that way.

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