Friday, January 8, 2010

out of my head into the world wide web...

It is the end of what has felt like a long work week...probably because it is my first full week in two weeks. By Wednesday, I was shocked there were two more work days left...haha, but I made it to Friday! My mind is starting to get out of vacation mode and back into routine. However, since my brain has been a, I am going to share some random tidbits floating inside :)

-I have never seen a more confused winter season! The hills are green, the trees are dead, and the weather is gorgeous...for spring time! What happened? I have sweaters and boots wanting to be worn, scarves wanting to be tied, and they are sadly stuck until a colder day comes out to play. And the other half of the U.S. is getting bombarded by ice and weird.

-Where do you imagine the worst place to have a spelling error occur would be? I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but when I visited my family last week, I was driving by the Jr. High which proudly displayed "HAPPY HOLDIAYS!" on the side I was passing. (***Note: the reverse side had the correct spelling.) Haha, I think that the schools we are sending our kids to should have some kind of double checking system for that! Needless to say, I laughed pretty hard at that.

-I am afraid of the roundabout in Morro Bay. I encounter the most bizarre driving skills in that thing, and don't trust the people to use it correctly. Today I had a close encounter with the Cadillac kind who did not seem to understand the meaning of the word "yield". And yet, I have to drive this thing several times a week. Sigh. And the opening of Bob's Big Boy right by has, I think, only increased the issues.

-I am so giddy about planning my vacation in April. My friend Stephanie and I are flying to North and South Carolina for a week. Why? Several reasons, and I promise that none is greater than the other. 1. I made it a goal to travel somewhere I have never been before this year. I have never been there. 2. I have always wanted to see the east coast/south. Blame it on the civil war project I did my 8th grade year. 3. We are going to see NeedToBreathe play a few home shows. And I get to meet some of the friends I have made through their street team site. Am I a little crazy? Yes. But honestly, I am looking forward to an adventure full of laughter, good music and friends...something I rarely let myself really experience. Trust me, you will hear lots about this trip, both before and after! Wheee!

-After I planned the above trip and planned a mini trip to drive down to see NeedToBreathe in Pomona, they announced that they are coming to San Luis Obispo!!! Haha, so this means that I am going to FIVE shows in three weeks. I am even laughing at myself.

-To kick start myself into losing weight again, I am doing a 6 day eating plan combined with exercise, which is basically high is day one and I am hungry 15 minutes after I am done eating...haha. This will be fun. At least it is only 6 days, and I know I will be excited to keep going and eating healthy once I get through this. :)

-And I will leave you with this...on New Year's Eve I declared "2010- Bring on the men!" And all the single ladies said, "Amen!!!"

Happy Friday.

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Katie said...

Amen!......and, a man! Cuz, really, I just one one.

Ironic: guess what the "word verification" thing is for me to post this comment? matiest. Yup.