Monday, June 7, 2010

one spot.

So, I follow this blog...and it keeps on encouraging me to take pictures of things and post them. I have to admit that I secretly enjoy these assignments very much! The latest assignment was to go to a spot, any spot, and find beauty. I cheated a little, in that, I actually took these shots from two different spots. BUT they will be differentiated.

Spot 1:

i love old fashioned furniture. it is simply classy.

fireplaces are so fun! love the shadow...

a contender for my fave photo of the night. this is the only ring i wear,
a reminder of the kind of woman
God made me to be...a woman of faith.

i liked that i could peek through a hole and see beyond.

this makes me want to see two people in love leaning in toward each other in these seats.

Spot 2: (because there were no people...)

the waiting wall. love the dangly feet.

action on the dance floor!

other contender for fave photo. i love that i captured this moment
between two people whose story i do not know.

and walking out, these two glasses sat, satisfactorily empty. i liked that.

I have dreams now, Jess, of owning a much nicer camera than my point and shoot...and have fallen in love with editing. I blame you. I am learning that you don't have to have the best equipment or even the best skills to make great artistic shots. You need your own style, and need to not be afraid of using tools to help. This was fun. :)

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Photo Freak said...

Excuse me friend, I didnt realize there was this amazing photographers eye in that little mind of yours! AMAZING! wow