Saturday, February 12, 2011

daniel fast

Right now I am just past the halfway mark of a three week Daniel fast. If you don't know what that is, basically, I am going without meat, dairy, sugar, breads that rise, caffeine, and most other junky foods that might not quite fit in the previous categories. The first week, I pretty much hated life. The food sucked, my attitude sucked, and I had headaches every day. I was hungry alllllll of the time and I had thoughts of quitting. But then I got to the second week. It was like a light turned on and I knew I could do it. Here's hoping for a strong finish, and I am seriously considering maintaining some of this after I am done. I feel better. It's hard to explain, but I guess it's true. If you eat well, you feel well.

God has especially been speaking to me during this time of sacrificial eating. Trust me, going to baby showers and not eating the cake, taquitos, and all other things amazing is not the easiest thing to do. I realize that I usually eat whatever I want. And I don't always make horrible choices. However, sometimes even decent or good choices aren't the best. In choosing to do this fast, I am refusing to give into my desires. My desires in the last week or so have been for fried chicken, donuts, red velvet cake, cheeseburgers....yeah. But instead, I've had salads, and couscous and rice and oatmeal. I also find it really easy to cheat. I don't know about you, but I have yet to find very many "Daniel fast friendly" restaurants to eat at. Salads are usually sub-par, and then you are left with few to little options beyond that! So, I've let myself cheat and have salad dressing so it's not horrible, or a little sugar in the oatmeal so I don't gag.

Just like this fast and my choices with food, we can live our lives in a similar way. We can do whatever we want. It's our choice. Sometimes we are even doing good things...and yet, they might not fit the best that God has for us. How many times can you remember denying yourself something you wanted recently? Most of us don't even think twice. We just go for it. Eat that cookie, buy that dress, go see that it's an automated response. Like a spoiled child. The truth is, I have been a spoiled child.

God is trying to show me His dreams, and I have been reluctant in some areas. I have chosen MY way, ending up with less than the best. And when I haven't gotten my way, I throw a fit as though doing so will bring about what I desire. Instead of making choices based on my desires or trying to follow God's plans but finding it easier to cheat a little, I know I need to seek out His best. While eating healthy and learning self-discipline has been beneficial in this season, I see that the realization of the need to desire God's best has been the purpose behind this fast. I do look forward to eating certain foods again, but I also can't wait to receive the dreams God has for my life. He's already showing me things, and I am getting giddy about diving in!

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Chelsea said...

Yay for the Daniel fast. I want to do it when I'm done being pregnant and nursing. I've never been good at fasting. I always get headaches and get all mean and fussy. I think if i just prayed through that and stuck with it, i'd really be blessed by God.

I love hearing your heart for Christ.
It's always encouraging for me.