Monday, June 27, 2011

a quick hi

I've been trying to at least keep up with reading my fellow bloggers' postings...but have failed miserably in any attempt to keep my own up. Good thing I've been learning about grace lately! (more on that to come)

This post is just to say "hi" and "I haven't forgotten my blogger friends!" :) And in the spirit of fun, I'll share a few random funny/awesome things.

  • This video is funny. I love technology (cue Napoleon Dynamite)...
  • This duo wowed me, and then won me over with this cover.
  • This simple devotional was so good I posted it on facebook.
  • Besides Jesus, where I get some encouragement in being single.
  • Something slightly crazy that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do (the shorter one...not the longer...yet)
  • In other news, my fave band dropped a NEW SINGLE this week...go get it now! Um, they also are coming back to my home town on August 31st. I love them.
So, I'll be back soon with some deeper thoughts. But until then, enjoy the above! :)

And here we are at the END of June!? Yeahhhhh.....

1 comment:

Emily said...

You can totally do the 'crazy' thing! I loved that cat, that's insane!
The devotional is so good, and something I've experienced in the past couple years, and just how much I have to seek Jesus and not people around me.

Any way, HI back! :)