Thursday, October 13, 2011

sweet victory.

So, on my last post, I was coming fast upon running my first 5k ever.  I was really uncertain, but knew deep down that despite my doubts, I needed to try.  (Side note: I've realized that I don't really like to do things if I am not certain I can do them well...)

My friend Katie messaged me and asked if she could join me.  I had never run with a partner before...and even better, she is about 6 10 inches taller than me.  We had NO idea if we would make good partners, but I figured it would be nice given all of my nerves.  If anything, she could encourage me to keep going when I wanted to quit.

Day of the race:

We are READY!

So, I got up at like 6am (P.S. I only get up that early for a small handful of reasons, like Jesus, paid work and vacations...NOT exercise.) and Katie came over to carpool.  We got there with plenty of time to walk around to warm ourselves up.  Then we ran.  Not fast, but we ran.  We ran up the smaller hills, and chatted the whole time.  We cheered people on as they started coming back (putting me slightly to shame!).  The first mile or so seemed easy, and we enjoyed the beautiful day.  We were running along the ocean!  Then came the big hill.  In all my running, I had been used to slight inclines, but not this.  But I was determined to run the WHOLE time.  That and that alone was my goal!  (besides finishing...hah.)

About halfway up that blasted hill, my breathing became quite labored.  But I was still focused.  Others were walking.  Katie, so faithful, gently said, "We're halfway there.  Keep going."  I am pretty sure I said out loud several times, "COME ON, you can do this."  Haha, and we did.  I got to the top and threw my hands up over the small victory of not stopping to walk.  It took almost the whole run down the hill to regain normal breathing again, but we did it.  And in fact, we had sped up, so Katie reminded me to take it easy.  We weren't done yet.

I am pretty sure that trying to drink water was a only made me hiccup and nauseated.  One mile left.  We kept on.  And when we reached the finish line, my roommate and another friend were LOUDLY cheering.  It was so encouraging.  (that and the volunteers along the road...they were perfect for the job.  Their cheers made me smile and want to push through.)

I DID IT.  I didn't stop.  And even though I didn't have the "best" time, I did it.  (42 mins, which I argue would have been faster if it weren't for that hill...!)  I still don't *like* running, but I am going to keep going.  In fact, Katie and I are running partners now.  She's such an inspiration and she doesn't mind running at my pace.  I am bailing on her tonight due to heat exhaustion...slightly kidding...but we are doing it.  Next stop...10k!  (and maybe a few more 5k races in between)

And for those who aren't sure you can...(just like me):
"If you never try, you'll never know what you are capable of."
John Barrow


Hannah said...

Way to go, Christina! That's so awesome!!! :D

Katie said...

Darling, I am 10 inches taller than you.

And you rock.

Crystal said...

Great job Christina! We have done several 5Ks but yet to run the entire thing. You inspire me to try to run the whole 5k.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

yaaaaaaay!! Way to go. You 2 are looking so good. I give you major props for sticking with it and running the entire time.

And I love Katie's comment. 10 inches! bahahaha

Emily w/Amazing Grapes