Thursday, January 19, 2012


I got my first blog award the other day from the lovely Emily at Amazing's called the Liebster Award.  It goes to anyone who has under 200 followers who deserves a little more recognition.  And she picked me! 
The rules of said award are as follows:
1. Show your thanks by linking to the award giver.
2. Leave links to 5 of your top blogs and leave a sweet comment letting them know.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Enjoy and bask in the love.

Sadly, I follow only a few smaller blogs.  It doesn't mean that my choices are any less significant and as I introduce them, I hope you see why.

Katie at Concrete and Grace: Katie is a dear friend of mine whose wit far surpasses mine.  She doesn't blog often but I always enjoy her postings.  She has a way with words and a clever view on life.  And I love her bunches and bunches!

Christianna at The Girl with the Blue Bow: I met this girl in a hip hop class and instantly liked her! She's clever and artsy and talented...and her blog is a reflection of all of that! Her blog is well on its way to being over 200 followers, but I am proud to be one of her first. :)

Anne Therese at Then Writes my Soul: Anne Therese was my first friend here in SLO, and is an incredible woman of worship.  She also doesn't post often, but each of her posts speak deeply to me.  She's wise and gifted, and I love reading her blog!

Ashley at Episodes of a Mixed Girl: I am not sure how we connected, but this girl is fun! Maybe it's because she's from the Carolinas (an area near and dear to my heart...and stomach, hee hee) but I like what she has to say!

Hannah at One and Only: This girl is a fellow NEEDTOBREATHE fan, and that is how I "met" her.  She's got great stories to tell and I love her photography! Check her out!

There you go, folks! An award brought me out of my blog drought.  And I am happy to share the love.  I'll be back shortly with an update on the big L-I-F-E!


Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

You deserved it!! :)
I'm glad it brought you out of your blog drought. ;)

Ashley is so sweet isn't she? She's such a cutie.
Have a great weekend!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Ashley said...

awe, thanks doll! you are toooo kind! :)

and, thanks to emily's comment above! lover her!!

Katie Pierce said...

Awww, thanks, love! I should blog something now.

But seriously, well done. You're a great writer.

Hannah said...

Thank you SO MUCH, Christina!!!