Tuesday, February 27, 2007

disco funk

I cut my hair off! The cut is called "the disco" 'cause as my awesome hairstylist, Harmony, says "it's disco-nnected!" Ha ha ha. :) I like it, and so do most people who have taken a gander at it. Shocking to some, though, and that is OK. I am becoming more myself these days, if you know what I mean...I used to have simple haircuts, and simple style. It wasn't me, but I didn't feel comfortable standing out. But I have been set free by my Jesus, and here I am, sporting the "disco". Standing out a little more. It's fun. It's even more fun being free...
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Jami said...

I am soooo diggin the do! SOrry I havent stopped by lately... that whole life thing has me crazy. LOVE the hair tho. YOU GO GIRL!