Friday, August 29, 2008

passing moments

My heart was seized this afternoon
by a woman at the gas station
She smiled gently as she got in her truck
Her dog glanced up from its comfy blankets in the back
She had a look in her eyes that told many stories
and a familiarity that shook me to the core
Short in stature, with short blond hair,
she reminded me of the very woman
who gave me life
Her presence flooded memories and
thoughts into my mind,
causing me to wish she were a different person
smiling back at me
And I wept
I was overcome in one moment,
A moment that would not pass by
like so many often do
It tugged on my heart and
heavily sat as I drove off
Not many nights ago
I dreamed that I was watching her sleep
and now a complete stranger has
brought me to tears
So powerful this moment was