Sunday, September 7, 2008

fun childhood memories

I spent the first few years of my life growing up in Burbank. It is where my dad grew up and where grandma and grandpa's house was. We lived on Verdugo St. which was right around the corner from the "jet" park- George Izay Park. I loved that park! It has a huge jet in the front of it, and I remember it had some sort of fountain pools and real wood playgrounds. They changed the park later to the plastic Anyway, my dad, brother and I would always yell "JET!!!!" at the top of our lungs when we drove by. Such sweet memories there.

And then there was the Jelly Bean Store. My dad loves jelly beans. I don't specifically remember ever going into that store, but just as enthusiastically as we yelled "jet", we would yell "JELLY BEANS!!!" when we would drive by. The picture below, I believe, is the same store with a new sign. For some reason, we were particularly excited about these two things and would yell them out in excitement.

We also made late night stops to 7-11 to get snacks for the trip home after visiting family once we moved to Oxnard. I usually chose a drumstick or funyuns and a soda (Pepsi). On those road trips, my dad would listen to some sports comedy talk show that would play sound clips of pig noises that would get my brother and I giggling!

I just thought it would be fun to take a brief walk down memory lane...good times!


Daddy Bob said...

It used to be Olive Park...I learned to play tennis there. We used to walk around the park with Robert in a stroller, then we would go straighten up the toy aisle at Thrifty Drug, just down the street. The "piggy" sounds were provided by the late, great Jim Healy (the sound often referred to free-loading media people at press conference lunch buffets)

Christina said...

See! Things I never paid attention to...I just thought it was funny those piggy sounds...haha :)