Tuesday, September 9, 2008

almost fall!

It is almost fall time! Pumpkin lattes, lollipops, candles and yummy desserts are making their way into my heart as the sun sets sooner and the nights get colder. I am glancing over at my scarf and beanie wondering how soon I will joyously wear them. Soon I will smell fireplaces burning and see the trees triumphantly change colors as we progressively move through fall into winter. Explosions of orange will color the sides of the road as pumpkin patches abound. Glorious fall. A romantic season. A beautiful season, as things die to become new again. And I am just soaking it in. Cuddling and coziness, warmth and wonder, here comes the bountiful fall!

I love the fall season, as you can see...it kicks off as a fun-filled summer ends! I will leave you with a refresher on all the excitement that encompassed this last summer as I look forward to fall :)

Graduation for Carol, Aimee and Michelle! Yay!

New roommates! :)

Celebrating Emily, my favorite latina ever...

4th of July fabulousness/move in party for Estevan and the guys!


Spirit West Coast- best K-Life crew ever :) /my birthday

love and marriage (awww......)

and last but not least.....

Giant slip n' slide for grown ups! (sort of...)


Katie said...

What a fantastic summer! This one definitely went down in history among the best.

Katie said...

And me thinks this fall has equal potential.