Wednesday, March 25, 2009

backwards world

I also have to share that on my trip to Vegas I discovered a very backwards thing. Vegas is the city that NEVER sleeps, right? So, wouldn't it make sense that you could find a coffee shop open there at 9pm? I mean, I live in a small town and even our coffee shops are open until 10. Come on, makes sense...but NO. Three coffee shops (all major chains) were closed at 8pm! One of them was within walking distance of UNLV!!! A college! In my town, most studying takes place in the local coffee shops. So backwards! So instead of enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea with my high school best friend, we talked outside of a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in their parking lot at 9pm. ::shaking my head:: I don't get it. Just another reason I hope to never get asked by the Lord to live in Vegas. Haha.

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DaddyBob said...

We found a Starbucks that was open until 10 - in the Boulder Station Casino!!! That's where they want you wide awake.