Thursday, March 19, 2009

viva las vegas...hmmm

I arrived in Las Vegas less than twenty four hours ago, and if it weren't for the two people I am here to visit, I would be ready to drive right on back to my beautiful home in SLO. I really don't like Vegas. It is HUGE. The regular streets have more lanes than the "freeway" I have back home. I took my brother to Cost-Co today to bless him with some food. It took us, no joke, 40 minutes to get there, and we were still in Vegas! Granted, some of it was due to traffic, but seriously? I saw like 5 Target Stores between his house and Cost-Co though. Haha.

I tried looking online last night to see if there were any good, affordable shows that I could take my brother to. More than half of the shows contain nudity (which I think is completely unnecessary), and then the rest are at least $60 per ticket! I am sure there is a way around this craziness, but after 15 minutes of trying to figure something out, I said never mind. And I can't even handle what the world can get away with posting on billboards here. I could go on and on.

The reason I am even blogging right now and not spending quality time with those two people I love is because my brother had to go to work for three hours, and my high school bff is also at work. So I am left to entertain myself. So, Vegas.

I may end up doing kareoke tomorrow night or something funny like that. Today, I went shopping with/for my brother. And we watched Flywheel. Tomorrow, I am going to leave myself in the hands of Vegas experts while avoiding eye contact with dodgy billboards and flashy signs.
I am definitely a small town girl.

What I have realized though, is that Vegas is just another just keeps going and going and going. And because it is bigger, it has a lot more of the problems my town has, not different, just more. Sure, it has gambling to throw into the mix, but the people have the same issues as we do back home. It is just multiplied. I feel overwhelmed in big cities like this one, as though I could not make a difference here. The truth is I can't. But God can. And that is all that really matters. So, I miss home, but I am glad to be here. It is good to be with people I love.


? said...

home misses u!

Katie said...

It's true, you make a difference everywhere because God is in you and with you............but I wish He were in you & with you here right now :) I miss you!!!!