Saturday, April 25, 2009

lessons from traffic school

Getting lost in L.A. + following 2 other people + green, then yellow, then oops, red light =
your picture taken + $390 in ticket fees + another $40 for traffic school + a whole day in a classroom with others who broke the law


I got to experience Comedy traffic school which basically equaled traffic school with cheesy jokes and a game of family feud traffic school style. On the whole, as the teacher explained, it was not painful, but nevertheless, it was something one does not want to experience on a regular basis. I learned what a weaving lane is. I have always known what one is because I drive on them all the time here in my hometown, but what it was called? Nah. But I know now...

I made a lady mad in the game of family feud when I grabbed the eraser from her hand before she could get it. She essentially grabbed my hand, then began to yell that I cheated. Nope, I was quicker. Anyway, she was so mad that she took another turn shortly after that one. I thought that was funny. I learned a few other things too, that some laws have changed since I started driving, and I never knew that they had changed. Like that the speed limit in a non-posted area is 25, not 35 like it used to be.

I will leave you with one of the many jokes told to me today...again, not painful, but not something you want to experience regularly:

A horse walks into a bar and orders a margarita. The bartender begins to make the drink- tequila, juice, shake it and salt it. Gives it to the horse who "phoomp", shoots it down the hatch. The horse likes it so much he orders another. The bartender does the same, and again, the horse drinks it with as much gusto as the first time. The horse asks for his tab. The bartender tells him, "that'll be $40.00". The horse reaches back to his saddle bag and gets the money to pay. As the horse begins to leave, the bartender says "say, I don't see many horses coming into this bar...". The horse says, "yeah, and at these prices, I doubt you'll see one again!"


B.S. Smith said...

I got a ticket back in December. Can't remember how much my ticket was worth, but it certainly wasn't over $300! So you ran a red light?

I did traffic school online. It was super easy.

Christina said...

They wouldn't let me take it online! was a split second decision as the light went yellow, I was lost in LA following 2 other cars. So, yeah. Decided to go and the paparazzi caught me. That is also why it cost so dang much.

B.S. Smith said...

That's a bummer.