Monday, April 6, 2009

looking at things differently

I decided to write a new post because I did not want to look at the work pile anymore when I went to my page. Lately I have been getting tired of my old ways of thinking. I am really good at limiting myself. The lower the expectations, the less it hurts when I don't meet them. The truth is that I am not meant to be the one creating the expectations. When I do, I settle for second best, hiding in the back and being comfortable. But it also means that I am limited. I am tired of limits. One area that shows this is in the area of singing. I have always been a back up singer, or part of the choir. But secretly I have always wanted to be more. I never went there because I did not think I was good enough, so I hid in the back. This weekend there was an opportunity to try out for something greater, to try out for leading worship. I admit I was nervous. But I determined not to let that hold me back anymore. I am determining not to let uncertainty dictate my actions anymore. So, I tried out. I sang with what I could, and I feel fairly confident that I did well. I don't know the decision yet, but no matter what is decided, I am glad I pushed through the nerves to go for something I have always been afraid to dream for. God gave me the gift of singing, and I want to glorify Him with it with all that I have. No more limits, not just in song but in life. I want to look at things differently. I want God's plan for my life.

****P.S. I made the cut (just found out today!!! 4/7) So excited!!!! No turning back, God is breaking off the limits. Here we go!!! :)


Anne-Therese said...

Yes! So glad you tried out!!! You'll be hearing soon, if not already. :)

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

Oh i like that one! Purty!!