Wednesday, May 12, 2010

photo love

I have several good friends who are also amazing of whom has a photo blog! She recently wrote about what she loves about pictures and why she loves taking them. This inspired me to share some of my favorite photos. I am not an expert fact, these were all taken either on a cell phone or a point and shoot type of camera. But if you know me at all, I love pictures. I love taking them, I love collecting them, I love putting them in albums (online or hands on). So, here are a few recent faves. Enjoy!

taken with my old cell phone while on a lunch the colors

i love quirky little things like fun cake toppers.

also taken with my old cell phone. yes, i took this myself. i saw how the light was coming in and had to capture it!

Bo's shoes! so so fun, i am proud of this shot!

took this on my new phone with a fun photo application called "toy camera"

old cell phone, early morning baby sitting. took advantage of a fun moment. mirrors make for some cool pics!

the lighting was great for this shadowed looking shot of this gorgeous church

angles make photos look cooler. that's my unprofessional opinion.

i was just playing with flash/no flash. so glad i did! look at this incredible shot! it's like an expert...but not!

same idea, but this one had different lighting. needtobreathe looks epic here.

babes. both looking adorable.

another cell phone capture. it is a MUST that my cell phone can take pictures. here is a good reason why.
As you can see, I have a variety of subjects I enjoy, and have no official style to speak of. But I love pictures...and all of these were taken by yours truly. Even the self portrait. I like to look for shots that look artistic. I also like purely fun shots.


Photo Freak said...

You have a good eye my friend. I am now making you do homework projects with us! Youv done this to yourself! :) love you to!

Chelsea Robbins said...

stunning stunning photos!

very nice!

those sweet little boys with their binkies are tooooo cute!