Saturday, July 17, 2010

I love lazy Saturdays :)

Today was a sleep in, go to the park for a few hours in the sun, nap, clean the house, make a casserole, do laundry, then veg with friends and fro yo kind-of-a-day! And I loved every minute of it. So, today's outfit was well-suited for the day. Super casual but I love it. And it's my fave color.

Top is from Target
Shorts were jeans from Old Navy turned into shorts
Sandals from Pac Sun years ago- Cobians
Necklace- belonged to my mom (a buffalo head nickel made into a necklace)

As Katie corrected me, we now have one more day! Here's the other awesome fash!


Rachael said...

I'm glad that's your favorite color as I can't imagine any other that sets off your hair so nicely. Thanks for letting your super awesome personality shine through in your pics!!! It makes me smile.

Jessica G. said...

I love casual days and I love plaid! Hope you enjoyed your casual Saturday.

Katie said...

Wow, you had a GREAT photographer for these....

Sarita said...

Cute cute. I have a similar top and cutoffs that I love to wear but dont fit over this baby bump and thighs right now. I would pair mine with my favorite black flip flops as well,