Thursday, July 22, 2010

the last of the 20s

In just a few short days, I will be entering into the last year of my 20s. While I am still getting over how quickly this decade is coming to its end, I am also hoping to end it with a bit of a bang. It cracks me up that I will be turning 30 on the 30th next year in July. Until then, I want to accomplish a small list of things, things I have never done, things I haven't done in a long time or just simply want to do! Small things, big things...the sky's the limit! So...I am going to create the list here, and throughout the year, I plan to update what I've done. And to celebrate the big 29, I am going to make a list of 29 things :)

1. Pay off all of my credit card debt
2. Go wine tasting (it disturbs me how long I've lived in wine country and not gone!)
3. Bake a pie from scratch
4. Take a train trip to Seattle
5. Slow dance in the rain
6. Write a new song
7. Own a gorgeous green dress that goes well with cowboy boots
8. Get a facial (never done it before!)
9. See the redwoods
10. Go to Disneyland
11. Camp at the beach
12. Hike all of Bishop's Peak
13. Go see a show at a theater
14. Stay up late and watch shooting stars
15. Walk/bike through Bob Jones Trail
16. Get my passport (for future travels, of course!)
17. Volunteer at least once for something new
18. Go to a local festival and fully enjoy whatever its theme is
19. Make it to at least 2 NEEDTOBREATHE shows
20. Re-read the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy
21. Watch "The Godfather"
22. Try donating blood again at least once
23. Go out and have tea with friends
24. Read the bible in the year (again)
25. Lead women through a cell group and see their lives changed by God
26. Eat a meal on my mom's fancy china
27. Visit my brother
28. Make up a hip hop routine
29. Go on a date

Feel free to ask me how my list is going, or to join me in my adventures over the next year!


Hannah Collins said...

WOW, how cool, Christina! :) I love the list, it makes everything seem possible! :) I hope you can find a way and money, to work everything out! :D That is SO COOL. Happy birthday!

Chelsea said...

Make up a hip hop routine!

that one makes me smile!

what a great list!

September Thinks Too Much..... said...

Oh my gosh, i had no clue you had a list too! I hope you don't think I'm copying you- I really had no idea! I would like to get a facial with you since I have never had one either and I think whale watching to cross one off my list together would be GREAT! I am so happy that I can read your blog- i could never seem to find it! I miss my BFF xoxo