Thursday, August 19, 2010

in and out

This blog posting is brought to you by Katie who brought hers via this blog which I am now following. Gotta love the blog world. Anyway, today's entry brings you what is in and what is out...and if you read this, you should do the same! What is in and out in my world today?

+ New music by NEEDTOBREATHE and their upcoming show with Train and then their fall/winter tour. They are always in, really, and you can look at yesterday's blog for a video of one of their new songs!
+ Being introduced to musicians I have not heard of and loving them. Examples: Jillian Edwards, Sleeperstar, Ella Mae Bowen, Green River Ordinance, Matt Hires, Nathan Angelo ---> Check em out!
+ Mexican chocolate chocolate, cookies, mochas. Yum!
+ Vintage-y flower-y prints. I am on the lookout for shirts that have this kind of look or this (more the pattern than style of shirt)
+ Longer hair. I go through seasons, and right now, I want long hair. I have shorter medium length hair. Patience and not getting my haircut for a while is going to help get closer to this goal!
+ Traveling. In all forms. Not staying at home just because there isn't a "good" reason to go out of town.
+ Putting all of my hope in Jesus, instead of defaulting to myself.
+ Hip hop class. It is baller. Enough said.
+ Cardigans. Always a classic staple for any wardrobe. I think I own about 12.
+ Having a roommate that wears your size. Doubled wardrobe, baby.
+ Jewelry with nature! I realized that I have necklaces with leaves, birds, trees, owls, flowers...and those are my favorite ones in rotation right now. Oh and my buffalo nickel one too!


- Gladiator sandals. There are the kinds that look cute and kinda look like gladiator sandals, and then there are the full on studded, strappy gladiator sandals. Makes me throw up a little in my mouth.
- The whole Twilight series and all its uproar. I realize this will offend some people, but it too makes me ill. Reminds me of drama/emotions in high school I'd rather not re-visit.
- Running for exercise. I admire those who do, but still despise it.
- Having to listen to a guy hacking and coughing for the last two months above where I work. It's gross. Go to the doctor.
- Not being able to do laundry without saving quarters and going outside to the laundry room. I miss that about my old place.

Okay, what's in and out in your world?


Hannah Collins said...

YES, Christina! Loving your in and outs! What a great idea! I agree about the whole Twilight thing, and that goes for Justin Beiber as well, I'm afraid. :)

Christina said...

Hahaha Hannah, I almost put Justin Bieber!

her said...
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Photo Freak said...

Bite your tounge! Oh twilight! I love you! :P Everything else I mosly agree with! HAHA! I want you to take some more pics my little photographer friend!

Estevan said...

yeah hip-hop class! and I agree about running for excercise, lamesauce!