Sunday, August 29, 2010


This weekend I crossed off one of the first of the 29 things on my list! I went wine tasting...and it was so fun! Our first place, Cougar Vineyard ended up being my favorite and Stephanie and I joined their wine club. We liked all of their 9 wine samples, which is surprising...the other two places offered less samples (for more money) and we liked 50% of them or less. So, I am excited I've crossed off something on my list...and look forward to crossing off more! I also got to have tea with friends the other weekend. Next up I think will be baking the pie from scratch and seeing NEEDTOBREATHE at least twice. I've started the reading the bible in a year, but that will not be accomplished until next July!

I also was asked to do a photo of eyes and submit it to Photo Freak. I got my entry in too late, but I thought I'd share it here. I took it on the way back from our trip. :)

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Krystal said...

wine tasting is so fun!! the first time I went was in Galena, IL :)