Sunday, January 16, 2011

it's in the bag.

One of my blog friends, Krystal, posted a similar post and I thought it would be fun. What lies in a purse lends insight into the kind of person they are. Here's mine (and feel free to do this yourself and share with me!):

1. The bag itself. Bought at TJMaxx per a friend's recommendation. I love this purse!
2. Cheap sunglasses from Ross. I rarely pay a lot for sunglasses.
3. The checkbook. I don't know why I don't keep it in the wallet. Guess it's for convenience.
4. Bottle of water. I always have one.
5. Orbit gum. I also always carry gum.
6. Lotion. Another staple. Dry hands are gross.
7. Vitamin C.
8. Butterfly Flower roll on perfume from Bath & Body Works.
9. Small bottle of Ibuprofen. It has a picture of one of my best friends on it. I also realize that I forgot to number the pens. But I try and carry two, so I can always lend one.
10. My wallet. I had to have this. It was from the Liberty of London collection they sold at Target.
11. Keys. Essential. I don't like a lot of keychains, but I have 3. One with the Footprints poem on it, one is a hook so I can find my keys, and the bottlecap one was made for me.
12. Lipgloss from Sephora. Normally I carry one, but my roommate gave me the other, and I liked it too. So I currently have 2.
13. Burts Bees chapstick. One word: addicted.
14. Mini Benefit lipstick, just in case I need a little color.

***Not pictured, but also a staple: HTC Eris phone. :)

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Chelsea said...

you're so much more prepared than I.