Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am going to write a really lighthearted and somewhat superficial post...partly because I am in the kind of space where my emotions don't match what I am believing for and I am prone to outbursts of tears. This happened three times in one hour yesterday morning. Oh yes, yes it did. Anyway, it has to do with my last post and fighting to dream...but I am not ready to hash all of that out yet.

In other news, they are breaking ground in San Luis Obispo for the new Target!!!!! I squee giddily every time I drive by. This is very dangerous. You can ask anyone I know. Every day I can be found wearing something from Target. I used to work for Target. I am pretty confident that half the money I made there went straight back there. Ha. And now it will be within walking distance. Maybe I should make myself only go when I walk. Then I can't buy too much stuff! Oh. Dear. I used to have a buffer. A 30 mile buffer. I could only go when I really wanted to or I was in the area. Soon, oh-so-soon, it will flash its happy bulls-eye at me and draw me in...I think I will have to exercise more self-control than ever.

I also bought tickets to fly to Charlotte, NC and St. Louis, MO this last week! I am going to spend a week in the beloved Carolinas before heading to MO for a dear friend's wedding in early March. And no, I am NOT going to be seeing a NEEDTOBREATHE show while I am there. (Unless they happen to add a show...but that is not why I am going. Just clarifying. Everyone keeps asking.) I am, however, really stoked to see two other shows while I am there. Brendan James/Matt White and then WinterJam, which will include Chris August and David Crowder Band. So so fun! Now I am starting to plan out the rest of the details. It is an understatement to say that I am incredibly blessed to be able to afford this and have the time off. I feel like all the traveling I am doing lately is to make up for the years of, well, not.

I also bought a new camera that I am itching to try's a beautiful Canon EOS Rebel XS Digital SLR. I think Friday night will be my first time really giving it a go. I hope to go to a local concert. Hopefully the quality in photography posted on here will greatly improve!

Hope everyone is having a good week. Despite my emotional-ness, I am having a pretty good one. I am super blessed. I can think of so many little things that prove meals with amazing friends come to mind (x2 so far this week!) as well as seeing how much God is providing for me!

Oh, one last random and awesomely crazy the end of this month, I will be celebrating NINE years of working at OPTIONS. NINE. I am so grown up or something. Haha. What a blessing!

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Krystal said...

ok you have a lot going on!! so exciting about the flights! but i am sorry about the first part. it will get better!