Monday, January 17, 2011

show and tell, things learned

A few things learned this weekend that I thought I'd share:

always take a picture of your friends when they get their hair done.
even despite their protests. gorgeous, no?

if the only way you will take vitamins daily is through gummy form,
by ALL means, do it.

don't freak out so much about taking the Christmas decorations down right after the new year.
it's kinda nice to let it linger.

buy flowers for yourself.
also something you won't regret.

it's absolutely okay to go to a show by yourself.
i met new people, and ran into people i knew.
had a blast, and got to start using my camera.
may or may not have stayed up past 2am.
worth it.


Krystal said...

they have GUMMY VITAMINS!?

BLOG Si YAQIN said...

nice post

Krystal said...

Oh yah, I had non profit business cards at my last job, so ...uh...pretty?

Stephanie said...

Um. I love you. And I am kind of mortified you posted another pic of me, but I love you more

Christina said...

YES! They have gummy invention ever...