Saturday, July 16, 2011

dear twenties

As I wind down through the last few days of my twenties, I thought I'd reflect on all the adventures each year brought me. My twenties overall were pretty good to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Age 20- Celebrated in New Orleans! (Not what you are thinking though. I was a chaperone for a youth group...) Moved out on my own and started school at Cal Poly. I cried after my dad moved me in. It was bittersweet. After trying to live life my way, I gave my life fully to the Lord and found an amazing church that I am still a part of today. Got hired at the company that eventually gave me a grown-up job!

Age 21- Really started to develop deeper friendships here in San Luis Obispo. Began to learn how to play the guitar. Began to dream of being a leader in ministry, reaching out to people and seeing them saved. Saw some major financial miracles, especially related to car issues, and began to learn about God's provision.

Age 22- Went to Hawaii as an early graduation gift with my mom, which was an amazing gift both in the time we spent together as well as the fun we had! I moved out with my choice of roommate (instead of them being assigned like at Mustang Village), and we bought our first bbq. That was a great year. I also dyed my hair red for the first time. Joined the worship team at church.

Age 23- Got promoted to House Supervisor at work, which equated to a 40 hour work week of supervisory duties plus a full school schedule co-mingled. Somehow I managed to get good grades, still stay highly involved at church, and get decent sleep. It was a miracle. I graduated from Cal Poly! I spent a lot of time with a boy who turned out only to be interested in friendship. God healed my acne through loving and financial support of church family after I had prayed for healing. Before that help came through a great dermatologist, God asked me to fast from makeup for a month. That was hard...and quite a story. I learned how to swing dance!

Age 24- Moved into a big house with 4 other girls, and God began to show me even more how to have sisters in my life. I started leading a cell group, and learned much about being a leader for the Lord. I got promoted to Manager and really started to be invested in the company. I bought a newer car, which was great because my old one was not reliable anymore! I also learned in this year that I love being a host to people and having people in my home.

Age 25- I found out my mom had cancer, and watched her pass away. This was probably one of the most difficult years of my life. Things at work were especially tough this year as well. I learned much about leaning on God, and walking through grief. But some good things happened too! I found my long lost childhood best friend Jami, and that was a great joy to me. I also realized what a blessing some of my friends are, as they helped me walk through my grief.

Age 26- The travel bug began to bite and I took a train trip to Colorado to see Jami. It was incredible. I continued to learn how to handle grief through birthdays, anniversaries and Mother's Day. I moved out of the household I had been living with into a house with one of my best friends, Stacy. Due to stress at work, I was sick more often that year than any year I've known before. By May that year, I transferred to a new department, and miraculously stopped being so sick! I also sprained my ankle for the first time in my adult years. Haha. God also brought amazing brotherly friends into my life during this year, after spending some time at a distance.

Age 27- I was a bridesmaid for the first time. I fell in love with NEEDTOBREATHE for the first time. I was shocked by the arrival of my 10 year high school reunion. I started another friendship with a guy that ultimately ended in disappointment. I am pretty sure that this finally sent the message home that God wants me to be pursued, not to pursue. I re-started my cell group and grew in faith that God wanted to use me to lead women. I had my first Christmas away from my family, thanks to on-call for work. I ended my 27th year by leading worship for the first time!

Age 28- For some reason, my desire to get married kicked into full speed in this year. Maybe it was because I ended up being a bridesmaid in TWO weddings during this year?! Probably not quite the full reason, but perhaps they helped. This is also the year I became a full fledged NEEDTOBREATHE fan and joined their Street Team. This quickly progressed into me becoming a Respirator and then traveling to the Carolinas to see a home show. Thanks to them I have fully re-discovered my love for travel! I discovered a love for photography, expanded my music collection...all thanks to my new favorite band. I got a trial run at being a mom when I took on the full care of two young ones when their parents were in the hospital giving birth to the newest addition to their family. I want to be a mom SO badly. Just saying. My 28th year ended with an overwhelming financial gift, which was needed to fix my car.

Age 29- the last of the 20s. I set 29 goals for the year and accomplished quite a few of them. I wrote a song and posted it here on my blog...something I've never done before. I bought the nicest car I've ever owned, and in it, God worked some miracles, including getting me to finally pay off all of that credit card debt! I bought a really nice camera so I can take awesome pictures! I traveled again to the south and enjoyed every minute of it. I bought a queen sized worth it! Saw many concerts, including several of the top faves that I had not seen yet. Volunteer my Saturday mornings to Adopt-a-block and love connecting with people in my community. I preached for the first time, and realized that God can do so much more through me than I let Him. Finishing my 29th year with a road trip to Seattle. Started running. That's something I never thought I'd do.

Hopes for the 30s: Get married, have some kids, sing in a greater capacity than I am currently, lead my friends to Jesus and learn what it really means to disciple, travel to Europe, get completely out of debt (car & student loan), and maybe even own a house.

13 days left of my 20s!

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Emily said...

What great things you accomplished over the 20 years!! I need to finish my little, each year memories!

You had lots of car issues in your 20's. haha Glad you have a nice one now!!
12 days and counting!