Sunday, July 10, 2011

checking in

Last year, I made a list of things I wanted to do before my 30th birthday, and we are counting down the days (20!) before that date! I thought I'd give an update on what I accomplished. It's funny some of the things I wrote down...some of them are not that important to me anymore. The point of the list was to accomplish a few things in the name of fun, as well as a few more serious ones. I got about half of them done, which makes me happy. I might do another one for this next year. :)

1. Pay off all of my credit card debt (accomplished January 2011!!!)
2. Go wine tasting (went in Temecula in August 2010, even joined a wine club!)
3. Bake a pie from scratch (a must do in the next week or two, not done yet...)
4. Take a train trip to Seattle (well, I'll be driving. I am counting that. And it will be in two weeks!)
5. Slow dance in the rain (yeah...need a person to slow dance with...didn't happen)
6. Write a new song (yes! one of them was a joke, but it counts!)
7. Own a gorgeous green dress that goes well with cowboy boots (yes and no. It looks better with my black boots...)
8. Get a facial (just got a deal, plan on doing it before my birthday!)
9. See the redwoods (on my way back from Seattle, I will be driving through them!)
10. Go to Disneyland (played hooky and went in August 2010)
11. Camp at the beach (I probably won't get this done before the b-day, but maybe after...?)
12. Hike all of Bishop's Peak (nope, but I am training for a 5k. I'm okay with this.)
13. Go see a show at a theater (saw a ballet. I plan on seeing a broadway show in NY in the fall.)
14. Stay up late and watch shooting stars (a great idea in theory. I like sleep.)
15. Walk/bike through Bob Jones Trail (did it with two friends on a beautiful day!)
16. Get my passport (this is a MUST in the next year. I plan on traveling more...)
17. Volunteer at least once for something new (technically, I started volunteering my Saturday mornings to adopt-a-block, bringing food and love to a neighborhood in need. I love it!)
18. Go to a local festival and fully enjoy whatever its theme is (I still would like to do this.)
19. Make it to at least 2 NEEDTOBREATHE shows (I made it to THREE.)
20. Re-read the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy (almost done!)
21. Watch "The Godfather" (I need to borrow it from a friend. We'll see if I get it done before the deadline.)
22. Try donating blood again at least once (um...yeah. I should do this, but still haven't)
23. Go out and have tea with friends (shortly after this list, a friend invited me and a few others to her house for tea and dessert. I am willing to count this. But now that I have taken out my mom's china, I want to host a tea party!)
24. Read the bible in the year (again) (in progress.)
25. Lead women through a cell group and see their lives changed by God (still a goal. But I have been making strides toward this.)
26. Eat a meal on my mom's fancy china (just did! Last week! Thanks to the encouragement of my roommate.)
27. Visit my brother (did in December!)
28. Make up a hip hop routine (not really a priority anymore.)
29. Go on a date ( can hope that it will happen before my birthday, but it's not looking like it.)

By my birthday, I will have about 17 out of the 29 things done. Not too shabby. I'm excited that I got to do so much over the last year! What a great way to end my twenties! :)


Emily said...

These are great, and that you did just about all of them.
I'm surprised you never went to Paso for the wine tasting. And I've never done bishops peak either. Always said I wanted to but just never got around to it.

19 more days! said...

I've heard that your 20's are the decade where you find out who you are and your 30's are the decade where you can afford it!

Happy Birthday! said...

I've heard that your 20's are the decade where you find out who you are and your 30's are the decade where you can afford it!

Happy Birthday!