Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have some pretty big dreams and goals that I wish to accomplish in my lifetime, and when I question why some of them have not yet been achieved, I don’t have to go any farther than a mirror to get my answer. I get in the way. How I view myself, what I think, and as a result, what I do, all get in the way. There is a theme in that…I am too focused on myself. When I am, I lose myself in the everyday circumstances, the highs and lows…because that is how my life is. Circumstances change and I find myself dealing with what that means. Up, down, up down…trying not to get woozy or overwhelmed in the ride. My focus needs to change. There is only one place to focus that doesn’t change or fall apart…God’s presence. And when I am safely tucked in His arms, I can look out and see how easily my dreams can come to pass. I can focus on others besides myself, because there I know I am taken care of. I am in Papa’s hands. He is immovable. Unshakable. Unchanging. Unwavering. Unstoppable. I am secure when I find myself there. He is showing me that the root of all my issues is not denying myself. Now, this does not mean I deny I exist, or no longer take care of myself. But even the word “care” means to carry a burden for. I am not mean to carry that heavy of a burden. I am meant to cast my cares on Him. I am meant to live for Him, free, unashamed, unburdened, full of contagious joy. And then there will be no obstacles in the way of walking out my dreams. If I keep my eyes on Him, I cannot see my insecurity, flaws, inabilities, fear or doubt. I simply see Him, and in Him, all things are possible. So, I am taking out the root of the problem, and choosing to look up into His eyes…no more dead trees to hold me back.

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