Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I think it is funny that after I declared a season of writing that all of a sudden I feel pressured to live up to it...that is the power of words. You speak it out and people then expect results. That is often why we have dreams we never speak of out loud because if we don't accomplish them, then we don't have people around us to ask what happened. We ask ourselves that question enough.

Anyway, I was preaching to my cell last night about the importance of proper courtship. Have you ever felt like what you are preaching, you are really preaching to yourself? Well, I find that to be true in my life a lot lately. In this teaching, it talked about waiting for God's timing...and not worrying about it so much that you make wrong decisions. This is true in all areas of my life, not just waiting for the one. I felt like God was telling my heart while I preached this, that I needed to slow down and trust Him, and His timing. It was good to hear God speak to me as He used me to speak to others.

It is a beautiful day outside, and I am sitting inside. I am taking my lunch break to type I wanted to write some more. I really feel like God is asking me to slow enjoy people and things like a beautiful day...instead of being distracted. To enjoy His presence, instead of getting all caught up in the worries of the day. I have a three day weekend this weekend, and I am so excited! I don't have any crazy commitments or tasks to do. I am going to relax and enjoy life. Yay! (as my friend Tim so recently began to express) Maybe it will inspire more thoughts.

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