Thursday, March 27, 2008

childish adventure

The booty :)

Last night, three of my friends and I decided to be childish and funny and steal the sword collection of some of our most cherished guy friends. They have swords by the door, above the television, in the hall...they are really not that sharp, and really cool to play we got the idea to go pillaging. We, the fair maidens, would seek out the weaponry and replace them with mock versions made of aluminum foil. We would also leave a ransom note that stated something like the following "If ye hot-tubbing gentlemen (they were hot-tubbing at the time) wish to see your weaponry again, you must bring the fair maidens a shrubbery (that's right, we threw in a Monty Python reference). And cook for them. Text thine answer."

So, with the knowledge that they were hot-tubbing and that they leave their door unlocked, we set off on our adventure. We even had an excuse for being there should we be caught in the act...we came bearing taquitos. And by the way, we were. Caught, that is. Jon, one of the two unsuspecting gents, came back up to his place to get a key while we were ransacking the place for weaponry! But he trusted us so much when we simply stated we were dropping off taquitos, he even told us to make ourselves at home. I giggled nervously as he walked around the house, and I tried to make the fact that I was holding the sword "Excalibur" (as I dubbed it) less weird. He went on his merry way back to the steamy land of tubbing and we quickly finished our pillage and RAN!!! It must have been quite a sight watching four women running with swords and sai in hand as we fled the scene.

Victory was ours as we received the text stating "we accept your terms". We took pictures and are currently enjoying the benefits of having weaponry in our midst. What that means, I don't know. But it is pretty cool to say that I have a sword. Ha ha ha. The excitement of the adventure, and the laughter that came as a result, was worth it all. Childish? Yes. Does that matter? No. No harm, no foul, and I hope to get a tasty free meal out of the deal. :) And the gentlemen still love the fair maidens. It's too bad we'll have to give the booty back.

The fair maidens...


Katie said...

Simply glorious. I love our expressions.

daddybob said...

"...amongst our weaponry is...surprise..." Well done, fair maidens, you have learned well! Now, you should next seek a comfy chair!!

Katie said...

Is that your dad who commented there? That is cute.