Monday, March 17, 2008


Who knew that the game of Monopoly could be so fun? I spent last night with a group of close friends and the board game...and a variety of music playing in the background. We spent two quality hours playing and talking and laughing. I realized how much I enjoy spending time with people. If I didn't have to go to work and get up early, I could have stayed longer, just enjoying the people I love.

And two nights before that, we ate spaghetti and sat at a table. No movies or computers or cell phones to distract us. Just time and company. I loved every minute of it.

More and more I want to slow down and enjoy those around me...I have spent too much time running around crazy and stressed. I look forward to more of these moments. :)


Lorabele said...

just found your blog while hitting the "next blog" button. Cool site! Love your pictures. :-)

Katie said...

Yay Monopoly! That was super fun. I love this harkening back to the days of old...quality time, who'd have thought?

Mercy Kidz said...

my favorite game!