Monday, June 23, 2008

preparation for revelation

On Friday evening (on the hottest day on the planet...okay, not really, but it was way too hot for me, and that is a subject for another day...), I drove down south to visit my dad to take him out to dinner. I love going to see him, and unfortunately it does not happen often enough. It was not a very long trip, but it served as a preparation for what God wanted to speak to me later in the weekend. It is funny, I bought my dad dinner for his birthday/father's day; yet, he ended up taking me out to breakfast the next morning and sending me home with a little gas money. I am learning how to receive blessing, even when it doesn't make sense. I am confident that if my dad could, he would have sent me home with much more than that. That is the heart of a father. On Sunday night, my pastor was talking about the very same subject. He was talking about how God, our Father, wants to bless us. All we have to do is go spend time with Him. Pastor Terry shared that when his children come spend time with him, everything is free. And that will not change. He loves to bless them. He compared that to God's heart. God longs for us to spend time with Him so He can lavish us with His love and blessing. We began to pray, and God reminded me of how much my earthly dad loved me enough to send me off with a small blessing. He then spoke to my heart about how much MORE He wanted to give me. That it starts by taking the time to be in His presence. I have been struggling financially and I have such a desire to give. I strongly dislike the feeling of not being able to be generous because of what my bank account dictates to me. God is in charge of my finances, and I am beginning to learn to trust Him fully in this area of my life. I am not in control, and should not be. I've tried. It doesn't work. But I know God has brought financial miracles to my life as well as many others' lives. So, I am learning what it means to really spend time with my Father and how to receive the blessing He is waiting to pour out over me.

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