Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sometimes you need a little encouragement

Today was a bit of a tough day. Work was fine, but tonight when I was preparing to have my cell group, there was a hiccup. And it boiled down to one of the girls in my cell having a difficult time and including me in it. Fortunately I was met with encouraging words along the way, starting from a friend who I babysit for. God was letting me know He was with me no matter what the circumstances looked like. The best encouragement to me, however, came from an old kids song from a play I was in when I was around ten years old. It goes:

"Draw me nearer, this very hour,
Fill me up, with your power,
Grant me boldness to spread the good news,
Draw me nearer, this very hour"

Of course, it being a kids song, it goes more like "draw me nearer-er, this very hour-er", etc. But it came to me tonight, a blast from the past, but with a very clear purpose. To remind me that what I am doing is right. And that I need God's help to do it. I need to be filled up with His power. That He grants the boldness I need, and that most of all, I need to draw near to my Jesus. So simple, and yet so powerful.


Christina said...

who sings that song? I was in prayer with my kids and the song was dropped in my spirit and I can't remember the name of the song. Can you help me? Draw me nearer oh Holy Spirit. Fill me up with your power, grant me boldness to spread the Good News, draw me nearer this very hour.

Christina said...

I learned it from a play called Psalty 4, I believe. Psalty the singing songbook sang it. We performed it for our church. I hope that helps!

Stewart said...

It's from the Kid's [sic] Praise series, I forget which one.

BTW it starts with the words pronounced normally, and then about halfway through, the tempo and melody change and it becomes "Draw me nearerer, O holy spiririt, fill me uwuwup, with your powowowower" etc.