Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 update

2008 reflection

So much has happened this year! God has blessed me incredibly with amazing friendships, a new position within my organization, and many many words of life. This year was my year of love and discipline. I know that to some extent this is still being formed in my life, but I know that I am developing a deeper love for the Lord and for those He has placed in my life. And the trials I have faced this year has led to discipline and perseverance at a new level! As I am looking forward to the new year, here is a reflection of the past year and what I have been up to!

In January, I started my cell group! I have two women in my group and a goal to increase that in the new year. There have been many bumps in this process but I have really discovered that I cannot look at the circumstances of situations. I have a lifelong goal to bring the light of Christ to others' lives and as long as I am working toward that goal, I am walking in my purpose. My heart is to see lives changed through Christ, and I am excited to keep walking this out.

In May, I changed positions within my company and began the journey of learning a new language (of sorts) and a whole new job description. One thing I have learned about myself is that if I don't feel confident about something, I hang back and don't take action. Interesting, eh? That is important for all areas of my life...not just in my job. I like my new position and the team of people I get to work with. It is refreshing and a challenge. I like challenges.

In July, I got new roommates! This was exciting because I felt like the house was united. We all are trying to accomplish similar things, and we all go to the same church. Our lives are similar, and so there is a greater understanding and support. I love these girls!

Throughout this year, God has brought some incredible friendships into my life or has deepened them. This has been my year for making healthy friendships with guys! I love the guys in my life! Some of them have helped me in more ways than I can begin to describe here. And they make me laugh! My joy has increased tenfold because of them. I am so grateful for them. Here are a couple of them...

It has been a rich and full year. And I feel like there have been some things that have begun this year that will really unfold in the year to come. I will keep you posted on those. I am looking forward to the continued blessings and fun in the next year!

Some more great snap shots of the year:

Where my girls at?

Murder mystery fun...

Ready to start a revolution for Jesus!


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