Thursday, March 18, 2010


Are your dreams fake, dead or alive?

I recently bought a plant for my living room. I knew it was real, but some of my friends thought it was fake. We forgot to water it for a month and it was still green. One friend said, “ is fake.” They actually thought it was funny that I believed it was real. I began to doubt what I knew was true. After an extended overseas trip, I came home to find this plant was drooping down limp and its color was bright yellow. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was real! Today what dreams or hopes do you think are fake? You might even become so convinced you stop watering those aspirations altogether. Yet I want to encourage you: with God nothing is impossible. Maybe today, if you nourish your mind and heart from the living waters of His Word, the dreams God has given you will not only survive, but thrive.

I opened my email today to read this story by a man I have mentioned before named Nick Vujicic. Little does he know that this topic has been a theme weaving its way into my life lately, and that this story speaks to my heart more than he knows. I love that he used a plant analogy, much like mine a while back. But when this man speaks about dreaming and that nothing is impossible with God, I know he is speaking from experience. He is a man with no arms or legs, living out God's dream for his life by reaching the world through his testimony. He glorifies God in everything he says and does.

I have recently realized how small my dreams are. They are very self-focused in a lot of ways, as well; although I believe that God wants to bless me in many of them. What I have been afraid to do, though, is let God bring His dreams into my heart. Dreams that require faith. Dreams that go beyond what I am capable of accomplishing on my own. Some of those dreams have been given to me, and like Nick described, I stopped watering them, believing that they were fake. I am not sure how to receive and nurture the dreams that God wants to give me, but I know it starts with God's word. Thank you, Nick, for sharing your thoughts on this and being one of many people who have been around me lately, encouraging me to dream again.


Katie said...

Joy's been talking a lot on this subject too. It's kinda brutal to come face to face with your dreams--or lack there of.

Nobody wants to be fake...but it's worse to call what's real as fake & willingly let it die. Ouch.

Time to pull out the watering can...and the fertilizer...and the worms...

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

I must think now. Good post!