Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today's lunchtime post is brought to you by the band called Citizen!

I was there the day Citizen had its first performance as a band.  It was a crowded room on New Year’s Eve, and Citizen was the main entertainment for the night.  I loved one of their songs so much that I pulled out my phone to capture part of it, even though I knew it would be poor quality.  It was January 1, 2009 and that song was “Heaven Bound”.  A few years later, that song is FINALLY recorded and almost in my hands.  It’s been a journey for them, one that I feel is really just beginning.  I can’t wait for their second EP release!

The people in Citizen are people I call friends.  I’ve had the privilege of singing with all of them in our church’s worship teams over the years.  I know they are talented.  But I also know their hearts.  They love Jesus so much and they want to write music that impacts people.  They sum it up best when they say, “We believe what we sing & sing what we believe...”

You can check them out at a few places, as they have strewn pieces of their new EP across a few sources.  (Try HERE and HERE) My favorites for the new EP are “Heaven Bound”, “Restart”, “Love is the Anchor” and “Sunrise”.  You’ll have to check them out and let me know your favorites.  Make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter too!

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