Monday, March 5, 2012

lunchtime letters

Today's post is inspired by Megan at Mackey Madness, as she wrote her own letters last week. :)

Dear Cold- Stop your assault on my body, especially my nose.  One week has been more than enough.

Dear Coffee- Thank you for your warm goodness on this Monday.  And your abundance, seeing as I have had two cups already...

Dear Hunger Games trilogy- You were crazy intense and good.  Why can’t there be more to feed my fiction addiction?  And can it be March 23rd yet so I can go see the movie?

Dear Girl Scouts- Why do your cookies have to be so good and yet so terrible for you?  Stop looking so adorable when you ask me to buy them...

Dear Laundry- Why can’t you wash and dry and put away yourself?  I’d appreciate it...

Dear Roommate- Thank you for wearing the same size in shoes and having awesome taste in shoes. (and really there are a bunch of other things too but I am wearing your boots, so I thank you for that.)

Dear Pandora- Thank you for creating enjoyable music stations that my co-worker and I can listen to as we slave away at work.

Dear Jesus- THANK YOU. You know what for...

Dear NEEDTOBREATHE- I am trying not to be too bummed that you are not coming to SLO on this tour, and that I am having to travel to see you.  From what I’ve heard though, your shows are only getting better and you picked Ben Rector to open for I am somewhat okay with this.  I will never stop asking you to come back though.

Dear Gas Prices- I’m gonna have to ask you to stop increasing.  I know you are the reason I bought my hybrid, but even I cringe when I see how high you are getting.

Happy Monday!

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Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

haha, these were cute.

That's the best thing having someone in your home with the same shoe size!!

Loved the Jesus one!! haha

I NEED to read those books!
Emily at Amazing Grapes